When you love your pets, you call me.
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Kennels? Nope!!!
Don't put your pets in a cage. Kennels is not an option when you have me.

What We Offer

A peace of mind. Knowing that your pet is safe and well taken care.


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"We found Lynn (The Pet Nanny) totally by accident and have never been happier.  We had a 3lb., 19 year old.." read more


"Hopefully, we will start taking more trips now that we have a reliable and trustworthy pet sitter :-) - Kris"


"You're so awesome compared to these other places. They suck but not out of range, just not as awesome as you. You set a high bar!" - Jim


"thank you for taking good care of the dogs while we were gone. They all seem to be in good condition. Last week was one of the best vacations, ever, since I was not worrying about the dogs." - Cathleen


These are our babies past and present




Calendar of Closures

Unavailable Feb 27 - March 2 2020

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Can't find what you looking for? Email me, I probably still offer it.

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A collection of dog treats. If you want to make your own. You can get the recipes for all the treats listed below.

After the purchase you will be directed to the recipes. Do not close the web browser. If doesn't redirect you after purchase, contact us thru this website and I will send you the link after I verify the purchase.

The Pet Nanny


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(Due to spam calls, solicitors and wrong numbers this number is hardly answered, text is easiest but you can always leave a message. Numbers that call multiple times over days will be blocked and registered as spam, if that is you, leave a message or the number will be flagged. If you get the 'disconnected recording' then your number was flagged, you can still email me and the number will be unflagged)


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