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20+ years of service!

Love & Care

It can be for work, vacation or day visits when you are at work.


No breed is turned away.


Grooming? No, sorry, I'm the one that plays with the pets but if Fido or FEFE needs to go to the groomer, I can do that.

About Me

Mother, Wife, Webmaster, Business Owner I have loved pets from the beginning, from dogs to ferrets. I do not do this because I need to, its because I want to. I have always had a dog. All sorts of types of pets, mutts, rotties, pit bulls, dobbies, beagle, fu fu, poodles, lizards, fish, ferrets, frogs, cats and to the love of my life; Jalo. Jalo was a rott/beagle mixed, I had to make a trip out of town and the kennels were full. So I left her at home with a pool full of water and a tub full of food. By the time I got home, she cried so much that she lost her voice. At this time, I did not know about pet sitters. Literally the day I got home I created The Pet Nanny. It was a success, there were many people out there that wanted and needed the same services.


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Plumas Lake (south)

$20 per visit, up to two visits a day
$15 per visit three or more visits a day

Olivehurst, Marysville & Yuba City

$20 a visit, up to two visits a day


Beyond Yuba City and Marysville

$25 per visit, up to two visits a day

Mileage is a factor. Click Here For More Locations.

Frequently Ask Questions


  • What is a pet sitter?
    I go to your house, up to 30 minutes per visit, once or multiple times a day.  Play, feed, poop cleanup. This option is less stressful for your pet. I haven't heard anything good about the local kennels. Do you want your pet to be in a cage for hours at a time? Only let out TWICE a day? I heard that one local kennel doesn't have air conditioning for their kennels. WHAT?? That's not right!!!

  • Do you own a pet?

  • Do you spend the night?

  • How long have you been doing this?
    19+ years

  • What is the best way to contact you?
    Text or email. I am an owner/operator and most of the time I do not have time to speak on the phone.

  • If you are not available, do you refer?
    Yes, but we do not guarantee the type of care you receive.

  • Your prices are extremely cheap, why?
    I am not doing this to get rich, I do this because I love pets. They always say if you do what you love, its not a job.

  • Do you have employees?
    NO! I want to know that the job is done right, every time. In extreme cases, I might have a relief sitter but never a surprise for you. You will always know who is in you house. Email or text for more info.

  • My neighbor uses your services, with wonderful referral, but I don't want my neighbor to know my business. Will you share what you see? (client question)
    No, never. What is in your home, stays in your home. Privacy is very important to me.

  • How do you confirm my reservation?
    If text messaging is an option, I will send you an image of the calendar reservation. Or thru email.



Pet/House Visits and closed dates

Pooper scooper | Watering | Feeding | Playing | Mail retrieval | Garbage in or out | Plant watering | Alternating lights | No mid day dog walking, current customers will be grandfathered in. | Cat visits will be in morning and/or evening | Package Pickup (for customers that I keep their key) | Locked out (if I keep your key, if I am able to I will come and let you in)

Up to 30 minutes per visit at your home. Two visits a day max (Plumas Lake up to 3), morning and evening. I  do NOT charge for extra pets or medication, why? I am going to be there anyways.

Closed: February 19-21 2021

Types of payments accepted: Zelle, cash, check (zelle is a free service thru your bank, its FREE)

Consultations are always free (Payment and key might be required.) During the consultation a contract must be signed, pet visit walk-thru. Consultations are a first come first service and its a priority before any first time visit. There must be a consultation prior to your pet visit, its a meet and greet. Once done, do not have to have another consultation or another signed contract unless address needs to be updated.

Pet Sitting Key Drop Off: Free

$25 round trip within 10 miles of pets home. New customers must prepay. Over 10 miles, transport $25 + .54 a mile. Must reserve at least a week ahead. There is a possibility that last minute will work. The parent can come along too, and sit in the back seat with their pet.

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    5304545738 (leave message or send a text)

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